University Presedent Message

In the last twenty years and with the approval of the new constitution "Article 46", private higher education institutions were also allowed to operate; In the past two decades, there have been dozens of private educational institutions and thousands of young people, both boys and girls, are studying in these institutions.

The existence of private universities, on the one hand, has provided a great opportunity for those interested in higher education, and on the other hand, it has reduced a heavy cost from the shoulders of the government. The creation of about 130 universities and private higher education institutes and the inclusion of more than 250,000 students and nearly 10,000 professors are proof of my claim.

In addition, private institutions are the foundation for creating an atmosphere of positive competition, creativity and innovation, and due to the competitive nature of these institutions and special attention to the market (competition over quality), they are more advanced in terms of creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction. And it has acted faster than public universities.

The quantitative growth of educational institutions in both the public and private sectors is somewhat satisfactory, but it must be acknowledged that there is still a long way to go in terms of quality. It is clear that; Qualitative growth is not possible in the short term.

Rabia Balkhi University has been operating as a private university since 2011 along with other universities and has achieved significant success in less than ten years.

The leadership of Rabia Balkhi University is committed to provide standard educational services for those who are interested and do its share in the development of the country and the Human Resource Development Index (HDI) responsibly. I believe that the main root of today's problems in Afghan society is the lack of knowledge and awareness among citizens. As long as knowledge and awareness do not spread among the citizens, neither development nor progress is possible, nor the elimination of violence and conflict! A large part of today's problems in Afghanistan is rooted in the lack of proper understanding of national interests, citizenship rights, peaceful life, and religious teachings. The solution is only education and promotion of awareness.

Therefore, the basic problem of Afghanistan has a cultural and software solution; A progressive, prosperous and peaceful society can only be achieved by spreading knowledge and awareness.

The leadership of the university considers itself responsible to, as an academic institution and according to its competence and responsibility, honestly and responsibly try to strengthen the spirit of empathy, philanthropy, sense of commitment and belonging to the country and Compatriots should also try.