Introduction to Midwifery

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Introduction to Midwifery

Midwifery (in its traditional form) is one of the oldest jobs. Because in the past, some women, because of their extensive experience and knowledge of herbal remedies and their effects, have been helping other women to have easier and more secure childbirths. But today midwifery is a science-based on observation, education, prevention, research, diagnosis, and treatment. Midwifery is one of the important disciplines of medical sciences that has a very broad role including consulting, educational, caring, supportive, therapeutic and research roles. All of these roles make sense in relation to mother and baby. A midwife will provide pre, post and post-marriage counseling, family planning, prenatal care, natural childbirth and maternal and child health care, and education for girls during and after adolescence.

Career Opportunities

Afghanistan is among the countries with the highest child and maternal mortality rates during childbirth. The main reason for this is the lack of educated midwives in the country. Even though Afghanistan has the highest birth rate in the world today, the number of midwives is far lower than the number of pregnant women. In addition to serving the country and saving the life of a child and mother during childbirth, graduates of the capability field have a good and reliable career future.

Required Abilities:

 Medical majors in general, especially midwifery, require a great deal of patience, honesty, trustworthiness, interest and a sense of responsibility. A midwife without the love and affection she needs cannot handle the pain of a mother giving birth and respond to her needs. Midwifery requires sacrifice, in addition to patience, interest, and responsibility. A midwife doctor should serve her teammates the best of their day-to-day opportunities if needed. On the other hand, a midwife is in many cases confidential as well as a confidant